Day One - May 30th - My Hero Academia Volume 1

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For the very first day of #BookADay I selected one of my students' favorite anime series as a manga to read. I have also enjoyed this anime series and my students are always in the library asking if I have any more of this manga in stock. I really need to get more copies of all of them. 
Here are my thoughts: 
My Hero Academia is such a fun manga series that combines a love of superheroes and school stories. The main character Deku is so relatable because the author intentionally made him seem "plain" to the reader at first. This is something I think we can all relate to - not being terrible, but not being great, not standing out, not grabbing attention. Deku doesn't have a super power like 80% of the evolved population of Earth, but his heart is one of a heroes heart.
This initial book follows as Deku moves from Middle School to High School and tries his best to get into his dream Hero Academy. This is a strong start to a series of unbelievable characters of all sorts and has some great little references to our favorite already known hero stories - Superman, Mario Brothers, etc. 
I gave this series a 4/5 star rating and plan to continue to read this one. Great for manga fans of all ages - rated teen - but I am happy to put this in the library for 6-8th grade. Also great for those that love Marvel and DC movies and comics as well. 
Order the book Here on Amazon or Here on - I do get a small kickback which I use to buy books for my school library. 
You can also preorder the bookmark I designed based on this book. 

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