Our Philanthropy

10% of all sales go to teachers that need books for their classroom libraries. We work with 100s of teachers nationwide to find books for their classroom. Literacy projects are a passion for me as I am a PreK  through 12th grade librarian at a private school in Bryan. I believe reading increases empathy, passion, and creativity in all people and especially children. School teachers rarely get funding for classroom libraries if at all, and yet we are expected to teach with updated literary resources each year. Most classroom teachers spend over $500 a year on their own classrooms with their own money. Each year I personally spend near $1000 on new books for our school library with my own money so I know what it is like to give up a part of a small paycheck for the betterment of your students. 

 We are also hoping to work with teacher artists to bring new products to the store. If you are a teacher and would like to submit digital artwork, get paid, and also support the #ClearTheBooks movement, please email erin@bibliophileprints.com for more information. 

If you would like to donate to a classroom that needs a book please select a teacher from our growing and changing list of teacher lists.